[Community-Discuss] The Looting of AFRINIC

Omo Oaiya Omo.Oaiya at wacren.net
Fri Dec 6 12:06:03 UTC 2019

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>> On a serious note, we need a proper investigation. Let's

>> wait to hear from the CEO


> Have any of us been doing otherwise, for lo these past three months now?


> Have we been afforded any other choice in the matter?

I am not sure why you seem to be on the defensive. You have made some pretty damning allegations and provided some data to support them. No one wants AFRINIC resources stolen by anyone so every sane person would be appreciative and want to get to the bottom of the matter.


> Can AFRINIC clean its own stables?


I read from the press link you shared and on the member's list that AFRINIC is conducting an internal investigation as would be expected and that it will be concluded shortly.

We have a new CEO and as far as I understand from the members list, the investigation has external support from a sister RIR. Unless you have evidence to suggest otherwise, I believe AFRINIC will sort this out and await the outcome.


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