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> It came to my attention that Afrinic is spending too much money and time
> on extra services such as IPv6 workshops and outreach activities while
> core services do not appear to have proper monitoring and on-call support
> for core services in place.

+1 especially when there have been no workshop or training in last 1 year.

> For instance, in the financial statement for the year 2018, there was a
> surplus of $429,700. This is very good, but what is the point of such a
> surplus when core services are failing again and again?

not all problem can be fix with money.

> Also, to take into consideration if there is a return on investment in the
> training of IPv6 in the African region, as very few ISPs are dual stack.

if training is very bad, then it explain why few ISP are dual stack in
Africa. i hope CEO and BoD

> Afrinic should first invest in its core services prior before making a
> heavy investment in capacity building and outreach.
> I am perplexed seeing the number of staffs in capacity building team in
> Afrinic.

especially since there is no workshop since 2018. what are those staff

> Board members of Afrinic, how do you prioritize what is critical and what
> is not?
> Afrinic, where is your risk analysis report?
> Regards,
> Francis ASIBOH
> Network Engineer
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