[Community-Discuss] Core and Extra services of Afrinic

asiboh.francis at elude.in asiboh.francis at elude.in
Mon Apr 8 18:24:22 UTC 2019


It came to my attention that Afrinic is spending too much money and time
on extra services such as IPv6 workshops and outreach activities while
core services do not appear to have proper monitoring and on-call support
for core services in place.

For instance, in the financial statement for the year 2018, there was a
surplus of $429,700. This is very good, but what is the point of such a
surplus when core services are failing again and again? 

Also, to take into consideration if there is a return on investment in the
training of IPv6 in the African region, as very few ISPs are dual stack.

Afrinic should first invest in its core services prior before making a
heavy investment in capacity building and outreach.

I am perplexed seeing the number of staffs in capacity building team in

Board members of Afrinic, how do you prioritize what is critical and what
is not?

Afrinic, where is your risk analysis report?

Francis ASIBOH
Network Engineer

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