[Community-Discuss] AGMM Quorum issue

Bope Christian christianbope at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 07:33:24 UTC 2018

Dear AfriNIC members and community,

The AfriNIC Bylaws, article 12.10(ii), gives the requirements for a quorum an of AGMM.  The requirements are:

12.10(ii) The quorum for an Annual General Member meeting shall be composed of minimum of ten (10) members in person comprising:
a)    Four (4) Directors elected to represent a region;
b)    One (1) Director elected on a non-regional criterion; and
c)    Five (5) Resource Members.

On 29 June 2018, the Chair of the Board communicated to AfriNIC community at Large their intention to approach the court to call an AGMM , https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/community-discuss/2018-June/002510.html <https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/community-discuss/2018-June/002510.html>.

The AfriNIC Board has resolved to use the provision under article 118 of the Mauritius Companies Act and approach the Court to have the AGMM called.

Best Regards,
Christian D. Bope, PhD
Chairman, AfriNIC Board

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