[Community-Discuss] Dissolution of Fees Review Committee and Way Forward

Bope Christian christianbope at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 10:24:23 UTC 2018

Dear AFRINIC members and community,

The AFRINIC Board constituted a Fees Review Committee in January 2017.   The Committee’s main task was to make recommendations to the Board regarding fees and related matters.  The Committee made those recommendations in a report that was published in May 2018 at <https://afrinic.net/images/doc/fees-proposal-afrinic-20180523.pdf <https://afrinic.net/images/doc/fees-proposal-afrinic-20180523.pdf>>.

The task of the Fees Review Committee has been completed, and the Board has decided to dissolve the committee.  We thank the committee members for their service.

The Board will continue to consider a new fee structure similar to that proposed by the Fees Review Committee.  Changes will be made to take into account comments that have been made since the proposal was published.  The Board plans for the new fees to take effect in July 2019, to give adequate time for communication with members.

Best Regards,
Christian D. Bope, PhD
Chairman, AFRINIC Board

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