[Community-Discuss] Remote access to the PDP day at AfriNIC

Willy MANGA mangawilly at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 09:10:15 UTC 2018


Le 29/11/2018 à 09:57, Mark Elkins a écrit :
> Yesterday - I connected to the remote-participation page for the current
> AfriNIC meeting.
> The YouTube channel worked quite well - as did the Transcript. You Tube
> was only about 15 seconds behind real time!
> The Audio channels did not work - but that might have been me.
> The "live Chat" was not there - neither could anyone tell me which  (It
> seems to be "mtg.afrinic.net")

I saw the live chat only on the front page. Indeed web team should add
it on the remote participation page.

It would be useful if the web team clearly mention on the website xmpp
parameters . Some people like me prefer native xmpp client.

Server : conference.mtg.afrinic.net
room : plenary

> Live Chat is working today - YouTube isn't.
> YouTube not working today - so use
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izmIaCNaN0E  (works for me).

They should embed it in the meeting website.

> My frustration is - its not easy getting al the info of what is
> available including alternative connectivity.
> Also - why doesn't everything work every day?

Please relax :) . At least we are following now :)

Willy Manga

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