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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Nov 27 19:06:35 UTC 2018


A key signing party, while a great thing and useful in general,  doesn’t really help with what Dewole is getting at.

What Dewole is saying is that if you have a From: line which reads like this:

		From: Anonymous Anteater <anteater at random-public-mailer.com>

Then it would be good if you sent an email like this to the list:

		From: Anonymous Anteater <anteater at random-public-mailer.com>
		To: rpd at afrinic.net
		Subject: Introduction

		Hi, while my email identifies me as an Anonymous Anteater, in real life, my name is John Smith and I work
		for XYZ Telecom as a Senior Network Plumber.

		Nice to meet everyone,


Hope that clarifies the situation.


> On Nov 27, 2018, at 10:29 , Willy MANGA <mangawilly at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Le 27/11/2018 à 19:12, Dewole Ajao a écrit :
>> Good day rpd listers,
>> [...]
>> While participation on the rpd is open to anyone that is interested, such introductions may help others better appreciate the backgrounds and perspectives of those being discussed with. 
>> Notice how we have started signing our emails so you can tell that it's the co-chairs writing? :-p
> Maybe have a pgp key signing party (introduced during «newcomer session»
> for instance )?
> I'm sure it have existed during first AFRINIC meetings.
> I'm pretty confident even WHOIS hostmaster would appreciate if more
> people use PGP ;)
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