[Community-Discuss] [rpd] Getting to know one another

Willy MANGA mangawilly at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 18:29:55 UTC 2018


Le 27/11/2018 à 19:12, Dewole Ajao a écrit :
> Good day rpd listers,
> [...]
> While participation on the rpd is open to anyone that is interested, such introductions may help others better appreciate the backgrounds and perspectives of those being discussed with. 
> Notice how we have started signing our emails so you can tell that it's the co-chairs writing? :-p

Maybe have a pgp key signing party (introduced during «newcomer session»
for instance )?

I'm sure it have existed during first AFRINIC meetings.

I'm pretty confident even WHOIS hostmaster would appreciate if more
people use PGP ;)

Willy Manga

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