[Community-Discuss] Board update on Governance Committee report

Badru Ntege badru.ntege at nftconsult.com
Tue May 8 13:13:31 UTC 2018


First and foremost I have no wish to fully remove a board that was elected by the community.  However as a community member i have a right to comment just like you have a right to make a comment on my submissions.

If you fully read and understood my comments you would see that i was focussing on the content of chairs letter which was in relation to information that found its way onto the public forum.

Issue on leadership is subjective and you are free to conclude whether you have good leadership and bad leadership. we open ourselves to feedback through this public forum and i will take some of your comments as either advise or comment.

My email and many other emails from many other physical members on this list are our free expression of opinion sometimes liked and sometimes disliked.

The issue at hand was very clear and the community myself included shared our views, through the bottom up concepts and board acted.

Members of the community myself "in person" have commented on the outcomes and fill the outcome did not go far enough to solve a current problem and set a good foundation for Afrinic going forward.

We very often take issues of Harassment as allegations and try to apply scientific reasoning around it.  It was for this reason that members of current and past staff put their careers at risk by providing the evidence.   Which we all read so makes me wonder how we find "no evidence of harassment" ??

So yes I'm not happy with the outcome when it comes to the issue of the report saying there was no evidence of harassement.

I will not go into detail to respond to some of your comments directed at me as this is not about me.  However i will read then and take note to improve where i can but continue to share openly as a full member of this community.


i notice your email "virtual.borg at gmail.com".   would like to meet the real person one day.

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