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At this particular stage of the life of AfriNIC when we the community is managing a crisis, communication becomes a sensitive tool anyone should use cautiously. Common sense (the best shared thing in the world – Descartes, 1637) requires that we should be circumspect with what we post on our mailing list. Unfortunately, your behavior on the mailing list is other way.

A question was posed on the board on the rational for setting the amount of $ 15000.00 for the investigation and the Common sense requires that the board responds to this question. You are not a board member and you jump in to answer and the best you could do is to insult the one who posed the question. Is this mental indiscipline part of the so call “rich experience” you have? Whichever way, please we don’t need it. Keep it to yourself because it is disgusting.

More vaporware!!!


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I like your attempt to get scientific here.  Up until a certain email was publicly shared and read by most of us who are responding we had no opinions on this issue.

We are all reasonably intelligent to make our own conclusions on the matter at hand.

In any part of the world it is not normal nor is it accepted for a board member to share the information we saw shared with a junior member of staff which definitely undermines the authority of the CEO.

On that count alone ignoring the many other issues one ceases to be fit for office.   Apart from in our region where we are now being convinced that we need to spend money to prove a simple fact like that.

Even if I ignore all other issues being pointed to the person in question.

We are now in a situation where the likes of you are trying to tell us that we need to re-write our basic understanding of right and wrong.

I’m sorry that sickens me.

Yes investigate the other claims but someone admitted to wrong doing and we are saying thanks for admitting and for your service but it’s time we move forward with new people while you handle your other issues and we wish you well.

Your attempt to read my email in other ways and calling our reaction as “mob mentality” is insulting to say the least.

I have said it before and I will say it again here you seem to want us in Afrinic to accept things that no other RIR would ever accept.  And that continues to puzzle me to this day.


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On 23 Mar 2018, at 23:52, Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com<mailto:owen at delong.com>> wrote:

On Mar 22, 2018, at 21:41 , Badru Ntege <badru.ntege at nftconsult.com<mailto:badru.ntege at nftconsult.com>> wrote:

One becomes a board member as result of the will of the community through an election.  The ultimate owner of AFRINIC is the community.

Technically, this is not quite accurate. One becomes a board member by the result of an election by the resource members, not the community. The community is a much larger body.

The community is saying it has lost faith in the office bearer investigation or not since what the office bearer has admitted to is enough for community to feel he is no longer suitable.

Again, this is also not quite true. Some members of the community are saying this, but no objective deterministic research has been presented showing that this position is held by a majority of the community.

The office bearer also has an allegation which is personal and that needs to be investigated since it has far reaching implications to the individuals involved.

At least there is one true statement in your email.

The community is saying we need to move and he steps aside deals with his issues without affecting AFRINIC business. I think this is only fare.

Some members of the community are saying this. Other members are calling for a rational approach to a valid and fair investigation and due process.

However at the moment we are all being held hostage due to decisions made earlier.

This is simply sensationalism which has no legitimate place in the discussion. Nobody is being held hostage. I realize that it is popular to use this term as rhetoric in AfriNIC discussions, but really, there are no prisoners here. There are no hostages. The due process is being followed with reasonable deliberate haste.

We need to move

What kind of movement are you seeking? Do you propose that we gather a lynch mob and take out all of those who are accused without bothering to investigate or establish the true facts of the situation?

I’m sure this would satisfy the more vocal members of the community, but I do not think it would shine a positive light on AfriNIC going forward.

I am very happy to see the current leadership attempting to continue with due process under the circumstances despite the mob mentality being expressed on this and other lists.


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On 23 Mar 2018, at 07:33, Sunday Olutayo <olutayo at olutayo.ng<mailto:olutayo at olutayo.ng>> wrote:

Why is judgment being pass without investigation and hearing? Why are some people eager to be the hangmen without due process? I believe in justice, and it can only be obtained or dispersed through due process.

We can not be passing judgment of yet to be proofed allegations. So let follow due process, the independent committee should it work.

Sunday Olutayo

On Mar 22, 2018 11:39 AM, Noah <noah at neo.co.tz<mailto:noah at neo.co.tz>> wrote:
On Thu, 22 Mar 2018, 5:57 p.m. Wayne Diamond, <wayne at domains.co.za<mailto:wayne at domains.co.za>> wrote:

Some body from the AfriNic board that is NOT implicated in either the harassment or breach of NDA needs to take control now and make a decisive statement to the community in the very near future (as in 72 hours) in order to inform the community of what is being done about each of the issues.

Thanks Wayne....

And to be pricise we have below board members who seem to lack cohesion but i could be wrong.

Mr.Masilela Lucky
Mr.Abibu Ntagihiye
Mr.Bope Christian
Mr.Ilunga Serge
Mr.Ojedeji Seun
Mr.Subramanian Moonesamy
Mr.Alan Barrett (ex-officio)

The reputation of AfriNic and the community cannot wait until the end of April for an investigation to start.


To the board that are not involved in either, get your act together quickly or step down for a new interim board to be appointed in order to resolve this but this cannot continue any longer in this manner.


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