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Hi Evelyn,

I just wanted to clarify at least from my standpoint – in no way do I view the sexual harassment allegations as any less serious than the NDA violations.  I simply strongly believe that the NDA violations are already proven and admitted to – which means they can be dealt with immediately – whereas because of the deeply serious nature of the sexual harassment allegations – these require far deeper and more careful investigations – investigations that are critical and must certainly proceed.

So I don’t think it’s a matter of urgency – its more a matter of what is proven and has already been admitted and people wanting that dealt with immediately


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Dear all,
I seem to get a general sense that the sexual allegations are a lesser concern to this community than the NDA violation. To me, both offenses carry the same weight and
therefore should be treated with the same level of urgency.
One of the reasons more women are not in this tech Industry even after studying and excelling in Technology and Engineering degrees is because of fear of their own safety.
We must be very vocal on issues of sexual harassment especially in a male-dominated field.
Yes, I know these allegations are pending investigations; so don't remind me of this; My one plea is that this issue is not swept under the rug and that it is looked at
with the ultimate care and urgency, it deserves.
It would also be helpful for the community to know the timelines of these investigations. Are we waiting for weeks, months, a year?
When should we expect a report on these issues?
Thank you.

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Hi Isabel,

> PS. Is Hytham laying low hoping to be forgotten?

He doesn't seem to have been the person violating the NDA, so that part of the accusation doesn't relate to him.


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