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2018-03-19 6:04 GMT+00:00 Mirriam <mirriamlauren at yahoo.com>:

> Hold on, are you saying that employees must have direct line of reporting
> amongst themselves for suspension or warning of any kind to

For the suspension - YES.
When an alegation is make. The accuse person is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVE
GUILTY. They should not be put on suspension while investigation is go on.

If the accuse person and accuser have direct boss-report relationship, then
then it makes sense to separate them for period of investigation.

If you must suspend ... then suspend both accuser and accuse person. The
only exception to immediate suspension is if it can be prove person is
guilty. (e.g. many witness come forward to say they witness the act  OR the
boss witness it i.e. undeniable evidence)

If you don't do that, then all it takes is for a female to allege sexual
harrasement and get their boss or college suspended. That a good way to
destroy a company. And for people that can think, I will let you work out
the long term effect even on the company and on diversity at work.

> apply therefore an employee from a different department can harrass
> another employee and not be called out.

all rule written above count.  Still guilty until proven. Just separate

> This is wrong, harrasmemt of any nature should never be tolerated in the
> work place so to speak Afrinic

100% agree.  But unless there was credible witnesses who witness the
harrassment --- the accuse person is STILL INNOCENT UNTIL PROVE GUILTY.

If you must suspend at the mention of harassment. Then to be fair ...
suspend both accuser and accuse person. I can support that.

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