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Ali +1

I implore all to refrain from the ad hominem attacks (whether directed at an individual or a group).

Likewise vague aspersions and engaging in hyperbole increase tensions of a community already in a sensitive state. 

It detracts from our ability to engage in reasoned and mature discussion on real issues - and certainly ensures that we will not find solutions.


> On 28 Jun 2018, at 05:03, Ali Hussein <ali at hussein.me.ke> wrote:
> Dear community members
> I may have missed some posts so I apologize in advance if I repeat myself. Here are my thoughts:-
> As a community we MUST condemn anyone and publicly name and shame them if they commit beyond any reasonable doubt such acts as below:-
> 1. Racism/Tribalism
> 2. Sexual harassment 
> 3. Corruption 
> All too often we skirt around such issues, excusing ourselves and giving people the benefit of doubt on these defining matters of our times. To give you context see link below to a story of how Netflix’s CEO fired the Chief Communications Officer for using the N-Word.
> https://work.qz.com/1313072/read-netflix-ceo-reed-hastings-memo-about-the-firing-of-pr-chief-jonathan-friedland-for-using-the-n-word/ <https://work.qz.com/1313072/read-netflix-ceo-reed-hastings-memo-about-the-firing-of-pr-chief-jonathan-friedland-for-using-the-n-word/>
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