[Community-Discuss] Raising concerns

Arnaud AMELINA amelnaud at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 19:01:45 UTC 2018

Dear Community,

2018-06-22 8:45 GMT+00:00 Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com>:

> Alan,
> Sorry to say this - but - these questions - need to be asked and answered
> in front of the community - this community has a right to the answers.
> Since you asked me for succinct questions though - I will ask them straight
> a.) What is the board doing about the fact that the organisation cannot -
> by the bylaws - elect directors - and without elected directors cannot get
> quorum to host another AGMM - which is a ....
> i.) When will we be getting a response to the outcome of the investigation
> promised to myself and the members of the NAP list as regards a particular
> sale of IP space

Hmmmm. Since when did the NAP list became a forum to discuss AFRINIC
matters that the CEO commits to?  A special list for a certain community?
Double standards?

Is he asking for investigation on allocated address space while he is
strongly opposed to the review policy proposal?

As discussed over and over, we are reaching a stage where review of
resources usage and investigation when required has become critical to
AFRINIC operation

> I can keep going - but I think that is sufficient for now.
> Alan - if asking questions is attacking people - then there is a problem -
> because if questions are asked by the members and there are no problems
> with the answers - there is nothing to feel attacked about.  If however -
> you are saying that members must ask their  questions in the dark and out
> of sight of this community - you are again asking me to stay away from the
> precepts of transparency - and I cannot - and will not - do that.
> .....
> The questions will continue - if not on the community list - then on the
> member list - if not on the members list - on other forums - I do not mind
> which - but - until AFRINIC is prepared to be the transparent organisation
> it claims to be - I will continue to ask the public questions and stand by
> every single one of them.
> Andrew
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