[Community-Discuss] Raising concerns

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Fri Jun 22 09:05:53 UTC 2018

> On 22 Jun 2018, at 12:45, Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com> wrote:
> Since you asked me for succinct questions though - I will ask them straight
> a.) What is the board doing about the fact that the organisation cannot - by the bylaws - elect directors - and without elected directors cannot get quorum to host another AGMM - which is a statutory requirement under Mauritian law
> b.) Why is the average time taken to process an application in man hours sitting at 75 man hours per application through to the beginning of June this year
> c.) Why are the travel costs for the organisation now sitting at the highest levels since 2014 - a 26% rise against a 10.7% rise in revenue
> d.) Why did AFRINIC see the need to fly a total of 45 staff members to two member meetings - just 3 shy of the entire staff compliment - what is the benefit for the members of this - since the members are paying for it
> e.) Why does the organisation refuse to bind itself to compliance with the Mauritian code of corporate governance
> f.) What is the status update of the competitions tribunal enquiry
> g.) Why is the IT department inside AFRINIC larger than the member services department that is meant to serve the core interests of AFRINIC - and based on average salaries is costing the membership base close to half a million dollars a year - and I point out - is larger than the IT team in a company that has 250 staff that I know of.
> h.) Why did AFRINIC spent 40% of its HR budget in the last quarter of 2017
> i.) When will we be getting a response to the outcome of the investigation promised to myself and the members of the NAP list as regards a particular sale of IP space

Thank you.  I will pass some of these on to the Board, and I will answer the operational questions within two weeks.

Alan Barrett

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