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DANIEL NANGHAKA dndannang at gmail.com
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 Dear All,

I have been following the thread critically "Cotonou Meeting" In my
personal capacity and from my own understanding, AFRINIC is run by the
community. AFRINIC Members pay a membership. The history of AFRINIC Is just
and requires an accountability.

Let's all put off our ego and visit the history of AFRINIC. During the
AFRINIC meeting in Lagos, I walked to the Microphone and asked about the
historical mandate of AFRINIC and I was shut down by the former chair with
a response that let's not go back to history.

Now the same issue of the history of AFRINIC arises, should we blatantly
elude the reason as to why AFRINIC is created. We all know the processes
and also the justification of accountability.

The Community is liable to receive accountability since the funds come from
paying membership amongst others.

I think the best response, in this case, is, "the Accountability of the
given FY can be found in this report dated here", why can't the minuted
report of accountability be reported and discussed?

The member request comes from a paying member of AFRINIC and has justified
a request based on the fact that the entity he represents "Liquid Telecom"
pays its membership. Despite the fact that we all have personal egos and
hatred for each other both in the struggle to make AFRINIC sustainable and
an awesome organisation, lets not just brush issues brought forth.

I believe the management of AFRINIC is great unless the community comes up
and requests for a review of the Management of AFRINIC.

I believe and trust that Allan is doing a great job as the CEO and directly
reports to the board and also listens to the community, in this manner the
AFRINIC Board also has its challenges which need to be streamlined. is
there a process outlined in the Board being streamlined to follow the laws?
If yes, let the community be updated.

Another issue is staff management and accountability, where did the issue
of Sexual harassment end, was the community satisfied with the update given
by the board? If yes, where is the final report?

I believe we should come up with strategies to clear the various mess in
AFRINIC and come up with clear procedures and processes. If we start to put
our egos first then the organisation second, we stub the organisation.
AFRINIC needs rapid amendment and timelines, if we do not work within
timelines, we catch up with the law since AFRINIC is a legal entity.

Who is liable? The answer lies in the community. Let's not destruct the
mandate of AFRINIC but build a community which enables the development or
Resource Management in the region. We are accountable to ourselves and the
Community needs to be listed too.

Thank you
Daniel K. Nanghaka


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