[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] Faulty result for Western Africa in AfriNIC AGMM Elections

Marcus K. G. Adomey madomey at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 11 20:08:40 UTC 2018

Dear CEO,

"All the votes went to the only candidate"; how can you assert that if "none of above" votes were not casted and  published?  "none of above" was simply ignored for the GC election in 2017 in clear violation of the guidelines.
"none of the above " was ignored  where it was supposed to  be considered.

Furthermore, at 1:38 and 12:14, NomCom Chair counted "none of above" votes as "invalid" votes for board election.

All seems to concur to the facts that officers not on top of  affairs leading to issues.

Ilegality, irrationality  and procedural failure  are  making afrinic set bad precedences.



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> On 9 Jun 2018, at 01:27, Marcus K. G. Adomey <madomey at hotmail.com> wrote:
> If "none of the above" votes were counted to determine the winner, they should have been published.

I am inclined to agree.  We can avoid that mistake in future.

> For GC election in 2017, there was only one candidate; " none of the above" or "against"  votes  were  not even counted  and I wonder how the winner was determined.

You can see in the video of the announcement of the results of the 2017 Governance Committee that 100 votes were cast, and all the votes went to the only candidate.  See the first 40 seconds of the video at <https://youtu.be/HSJCRrKoOgs>.  This obviously means that zero votes went to “None of the above”.  I don’t know how you jump from that to “votes were not even counted” or “I wonder how the winner was determined”.

Alan Barrett

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