[Community-Discuss] [rpd] Appeal against softlanding-bis declaration of consensus

Willy MANGA mangawilly at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 16:32:25 UTC 2018

Hello Ornella,

for you what's the difference between registering a free account on
mail.google.com versus mail.yandex.com ? :)

I remind you that you are using gmail.com but you are not an US citizen
right ? :)

I don't know Dabu but in my humble opinion you are free to use any email
address you want ...

Le 05/01/2018 à 14:54, Ornella GANKPA a écrit :
> Hi Dabu,
> Please forgive me but I'm surprised to see unknown people with russian
> freemail suddenly surface on rpd and have strong views. No offence meant
> but we need to ensure we have real people participate in policy development.
> I would not want the working group to spend time replying to sockpuppets
> so perhaps others know you or could you introduce yourself?
> Regards
> Honest Ornella GANKPA

Willy Manga

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