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Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Tue Dec 11 15:41:27 UTC 2018

  *   If OIF were try to put french citizen people on AFRINIC board, your argument will make sense. It is not. If you have evidence to show it has, please share and tell us how they benefit from it.

Actually this claim concerns me more than anything and highlights everything I believe is wrong with this policy in the first place.  Firstly it assumes facts not yet in evidence – because any “benefit” would assume that

  1.  There is sufficient evidence to use this policy against Larus at the request of a member initiated review – there is no evidence of this
  2.  Failing (a) it assumes that Larus will some how come up in “random” review – which would be far from random
  3.  As regards (a) it assumes that there even if a review were done against Larus that there would be any finding of guilty

Since none of those things have been proven nor has any evidence been shown – and in fact AFRINIC has repeatedly stated that those applications for space were thoroughly reviewed and vetted – I fail to see how you can claim benefit.

The only time defeat of this policy clearly benefits someone before its even passed is if we have a guarantee that they were in fact be reviewed – and since review is random – or initiated by evidence backed complaint – either – this argument is specious in nature – or the policy is indeed targeted against specific companies – either way – the logic in the argument fails

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