[Community-Discuss] Questions about AfriNIC Allocations

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Le 09/12/2018 à 09:09, Chevalier du Borg a écrit :
> [...]> I have also meet many small ISP operator who have problem getting simple
> BGP with big operator. Maybe a skill problem for AFRINIC training team and
> AFNOG to address?

In addition (small) enterprise customers and universities at least in my
area think that when you buy an access to the internet for all your
offices, it's enough. They don't even know they can request their own
resources: IP addresses and further in some cases ASN.

Even when they are aware, they think these resources is a matter of ISP

They don't realise they can peer with other networks they use to work on
a daily basis (through exchange points).

Last issue is regulators and governments who sometimes don't encourage
enough actors to have their own resources.

Check vizAS [1] ; charts speak for themselves especially for many
african countries.

1. http://labs.apnic.net/vizas/index.html

Willy Manga

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