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On Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 8:21 AM, ALAIN AINA <Alain.Aina at wacren.net> wrote:

> Dear Community,
> Recent developments at AFRINIC involving board chair and staff has raised
> general indignation in this community which as individuals, stood up to
> condemn and asked for the appropriate actions and measures be taken. As
> expected, we saw resistance and interpretation of laws, morals and
> behaviours. A resolution was proposed  to demand vote of no confidence on
> the whole board as board was seen as reluctant to invoke article 14.1(III)
> of the bylaws, which is the only mechanism to remove a board member.
> Since then, former chair has resigned from the board, and folks think it
> was time to turn the page of the resolution and focus on the issues raised
> by the board and staff incident:
> - investigate and clarify responsibilities,
> -  take actions against wrongdoers,
> - take actions in favour of the victims,
> - review board and management governance and practices to prevent this in
> the future and
> - restore  good work ambiance at AFRINIC
> Apparently this view was not shared by all. Some still want  the vote of
> no confidence and the board decision to not include the point on the
> agenda  for the AGMM, invoking  article 12.14(IX), created another
> turbulence in the air.
> Why should  we be selective in the application  of the bylaws or the
> company act ? is it not our  collective responsibility to respect and
> follow the bylaws which governs our operations? how long will it take for
> us to learn that laws and regulations apply to all and we shall constantly
> seek the best for the community and the organisation and not favour our
> personal and direct interests ?
> Have we forgotten that  bottom-up and community-driven were recently
> always challenged and opposed to Bylaws and company act ?
> Before Tunis 2015 and following the Tunis incident, part of this community
> has been asking for a complete review of AFRINIC accountability after
> several years of operations and to adapt to  new developments and comply to
> current best practices. A major request is  to review AFRINIC legal status
> and  give power and mechanisms to members to recall board members.
> AFRINIC accountability review : A long way, a structural problem to solve
> Late 2015 board engaged in an accountability review…  a public summary of
> the review results  was published in may 2016.  https://www.afrinic.net/
> images/AFRINICRIRAccountabilityAssessment-PublicSummary-20160518.pdf
> In June 2016,  some propositions( in 12 points)  of amendments to the
> bylaws based on the review  were  submitted to the community for
> discussions by the board.  https://lists.afrinic.net/
> pipermail/community-discuss/attachments/20160610/86196c1f/attachment.pdf
> As  one can see, the point of giving power and mechanisms to members to
> recall board members was not taken into account.
> After some long but interesting discussions, other points including the
> recall of board members were added, making the total of proposed changes to
> 17 from  the 12 originally proposed by board.  https://lists.afrinic.net/
> pipermail/community-discuss/attachments/20161104/cc58b033/attachment.pdf
> All suggestions for a consensual amendment of the bylaws as a whole were
> ignored  in favour of voting on 17  independent resolutions.
> Unsurprisingly  the results  are what we got. The resolution on board
> member recall was also rejected as was seen to target specific board
> members.
> Afterwards, the community was told that the GC will be formed and one of
> its 1st priority will be another accountability review with focus on
> community requests which did not pass. Nothing has pop up since.
> We have seen enough developments to  convince all  that the new
> accountability review is a must. Let create a favorable environment for it
> and the required amendments to proceedings implemented as soon as possible.

I must say, you have broken down the issues in a very chronological manner
and i couldn't agree more.

> In the meantime, let us refocus. I call upon the board to show a clear
> plan for the  accountability review as well as for the reviews  and actions
> required  from the recent  board-staff incident.

+1 to this and I also look forward to the anticipated report on the
board-staff matter as 30th April is around the corner.

> ===
> Board web page can tell those  were serving when this review and bylaws
> changes were conducted, same as  list archives available to tell how
> things went or were managed.
> Hope this helps
> —Alain
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