[Community-Discuss] The decision to deny the no confidence resolution

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Sun Apr 22 12:59:09 UTC 2018

Dear AFRINIC Board,

As is well known – board decisions can only be taken by resolution – therefore – it is safe to assume that a resolution was taken to deny the motion as tabled by Mark Elkins from being held at the AGMM.

I am now asking this board:

Please reveal to this community the following:

  1.  Who voted against this resolution being heard
  2.  Who voted for this resolution to be heard
  3.  Was the vote unanimous

Should the board choose to dodge accountability and not answer this – which would prevent this community from being able to hold its elected representatives accountable for a decision that flies in the face of the bottom up approach and is entirely contrary to the precepts on which RIR’s are founded – so be it – however – if this occurs I then will say this:

To the individual members of the board – by supporting the quashing of a vote of no confidence – you yourselves are complicit in this action – and if you have a shred of integrity – and if you truly stand for the bottom up approach embraced by the RIR system – you – as an individual board member – in light of this blatant violation of member trust – will tender for your resignation forthwith – or forever be known as part of the board that decided it stood the system and above its members. I appeal to the members of the board who have integrity – who are true and honest to the system – to show this community that they will not stand for this blatant violation of trust, of good corporate governance and will not be complicit in a decision marred by conflict of interest.

If a board member truly voted against the decision – and that is revealed – clearly – only then are they absolved – failing that – let them resign and show this community they have character.  Alternatively – let this community hold the entire board collectively responsible.


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