[Community-Discuss] FW: For attention of the NRO and the boards of the respective RIR's

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Sun Apr 22 05:15:43 UTC 2018


  *   If relevant board procedue have been followed to table resolution, then i support that resolution be table. Or maybe do an e-vote on the issue, i don't see reason why it must wait till Dakar.

The procedure was followed – on the 27th of March the board acknowledged the resolution and committed to having it heard  – they then withdrew that and stated it would not be heard.

  *   Board chair do say it can be on open mic. Not sure whether it is vote during open mic or just another complain and then we ignore you session.

The AGMM works by resolution – the bylaws clearly lay out a process for members putting motions on the floor – and without a formal resolution – the community is powerless – the board has stripped this community of their power by their actions here

  *   Rather than call on these outside people who cannot really change anything here, maybe membership should refuse to discuss on any other item until vote issue is table and clear.

  *   If member cannot do that, no other board, or NRO can really do nothing.

Sadly – I am in partial agreement with you – but – we form part of a much larger system – and the appeal also serves as a notification to the rest of the world.  It has long been said that the ITU and other organisations are waiting for the RIR system to fail – to try and capture it – and I see no greater danger than for an RIR board to defy the bottom up process and violate the very precepts that the system is built on in this regard.  It threatens not only AFRINIC but the entire system when a board chooses to ignore its members.

  *   Instead of a 3 to 4 hour meeting once a year with RIPE board, which will hardly accomplish anything, maybe AFRINIC should give it new board member mandatory training in how a Directeur do their job and how that is measure.

I agree – but let that training be done by external personnel, because it is quite clear the current board does not have the capacity to do their own jobs, never mind train anyone else to do the job.

  *   Legitimacy of AFRINIC board depend on AFRINIC community and member. Not board of another RIR

 Legitimacy is twofold in this context, yes, legitimacy amongst the members, and I would argue that the board refuses to let that legitimacy be tested for fear they would find it no longer exists, but in the wider context, there is legitimacy before the NRO, before the RIR system.  Remember, once we run out of address space in Africa, and when we get to the point where we will have to participate in the transfer market to get more addresses, this interaction with other RIR’s will be critical, unless a global RIR is founded.  I also point out that the global RIR as proposed through the LACNIC region  proposes a joint effort between the RIR’s – and I ask how our current RIR with its board can ever take its place at that table when they refuse to let the membership put forward a resolution to see if they still carry the trust of this organisation.

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