[Community-Discuss] Enquiries/clarification

S Moonesamy sm+afrinic at elandsys.com
Mon Oct 9 08:18:15 UTC 2017

Hi Andrew,
At 09:32 PM 08-10-2017, Andrew Alston wrote:
>Unfortunately – it seems we are havingg in an 
>era of silence these days from our elected 
>representatives – and when responses do come – they are extrxtremely delayed.

I am okay to answer questions as long as they are 
within the boundaries of the legal obligations which I have to follow.

>I really am curious to see the amount of money 
>spent on travel (in particular board travel) in 
>the next release of the financials – because I'm 
>interested if there is so little time tto answer 
>the community because the board members are busy 
>flying around to conferences that we never seen any feedback or reports from.
>I asked on this list before if the board would 
>consent to providing a community report for each 
>board trip taken and paid for with our money – 
>that query – never got answeredred either – and I'm not holding my breath.

I attended the last ICANN meeting in South Africa 
and an ISOC event in Flic-en-Flac (Mauritius) as 
a Board member.  Please see the reply to Question 
8 in the message at 

S. Moonesamy 

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