[Community-Discuss] Call for Comments on a Revision to the RSA

Lu Heng h.lu at anytimechinese.com
Tue Oct 3 08:27:54 UTC 2017

On 3 October 2017 at 15:53, Omo Oaiya <Omo.Oaiya at wacren.net> wrote:

> On 3 Oct 2017, at 06:59, Lu Heng <h.lu at anytimechinese.com> wrote:
> Those ip addresses management clause inside RSA was written by lawyers,
> not the community. According to bottom up process, only policy can dictate
> how we use IP addresses.
>  It is AfriNIC that facilitates this bottom up process. It is also it
> responsibility to coordinate the management of INR.   Some might say this
> is its primary responsibility.
> Until a policy gets developed by the community, the RSA is the only
> mechanism available for fufilling this management mandate.   Your interest
> in removing these clauses from the RSA is probably better served by
> proposing policy that makes them redundant as Dewole suggests.
> -Omo
> "My interest" is a weird misinterpretation and completely not true(why
must it get personal every time, omo? ) I barely point out the clause that
contains IP address management material(and I might have missed some).

Those words are written by lawyers to manage IP addresses - this shouldn't
happen in the very first place, because  in the bottom up process, only
community-developed policies are able to manage the IP address, which is
the golden rule of bottom up process. Operators get to decide how they want
to use and manager the very resource they are using instead of lawyers.

By your logic, if there is a missing item in the policy, we should simply
ask lawyers to add it to the RSA until community makes a redundant policy -
but this is not how PDP works. PDP is not served as a way to replicate what
lawyers wrote. Rather, if you think there is a missing item in the policy,
you will have to make a policy proposal, and see if community agrees.

RSA should in no way serve as a complementary to the policy, rather, they
are two independent documents that serve for entirely different purposes.
While RSA allows AFRINIC to establish a legal relationship with its members
so AFRINIC can be funded, policies are specifically designed to manage
internet resources.

Kind regards.
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