[Community-Discuss] Call for Comments on a Revision to the RSA

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Mon Oct 2 11:29:12 UTC 2017


> AFRINIC is calling for comments on a revision to the Registration Service Agreement (RSA). The draft revised RSA may be found at https://www.afrinic.net/images/rsa_afrinic_changes_20170930.pdf
> This revision to the RSA is necessary to allow transfers in accordance with the recently-approved policy AFPUB-2016-V4-003-DRAFT03 “IPv4 Resources transfer within the AFRINIC Region”
> https://www.afrinic.net/en/community/policy-development/policy-proposals/1969-ipv4-resources-transfer-within-the-afrinic-region.
> A few additional changes for clarity and consistency are also incorporated into the draft revised RSA In the document at https://www.afrinic.net/images/rsa_afrinic_changes_20170930.pdf, deletions are marked with strikeout and additions are marked with underline.

Just a quick comment on the wording. The notes say:

> - The new 6(d)(vii) says that a transfer is a kind of allocation or assignment. Because of this, other parts of the RSA that refer to allocations or assignments will automatically cover transfers as well.

That seems fine. However section 1(c)(i) says:

> - “Services” may include, without limitation, an allocation/assignment or transfer of number resources.

Depending on how someone wants to read it, that might be interpreted in a way that sets a precedent that says that transfers are not included in "allocation/assignment" by default and need to be mentioned explicitly.

I know, I'm picking nits here, but for consistency and to avoid misinterpretations I think it would be better to either not mention "or transfers" here, or to explicitly include them in other places as well.


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