[Community-Discuss] Call for Comments on a Revision to the RSA

AFRINIC Communications comms-announce at afrinic.net
Mon Oct 2 10:43:58 UTC 2017

Dear AFRINIC Community,

AFRINIC is calling for comments on a revision to the Registration Service Agreement (RSA). The draft revised RSA may be found at https://www.afrinic.net/images/rsa_afrinic_changes_20170930.pdf   

This revision to the RSA is necessary to allow transfers in accordance with the recently-approved policy AFPUB-2016-V4-003-DRAFT03 “IPv4 Resources transfer within the AFRINIC Region” 

A few additional changes for clarity and consistency are also incorporated into the draft revised RSA In the document at https://www.afrinic.net/images/rsa_afrinic_changes_20170930.pdf, deletions are marked with strikeout and additions are marked with underline.  

Colours are used to mark different kind of changes, as follows:

•    magenta for the core changes needed to allow for transfers in accordance with adopted policies; 
•    yellow for definitions and related changes needed to allow for transfers; 
•    green for minor changes made for consistency or readability; 
•    blue for other changes.

Comments are welcome in the community-discuss mailing list (https://lists.afrinic.net/mailman/listinfo.cgi/community-discuss) until 30 October 2017.

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