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Sorry – but let me put this another way –

Confidence is a product of transparency – and when the bylaws of the company say that the member base can see documents – we either change the bylaws to say they can’t – or when requested to – the documents get disclosed as per the bylaws.

A few weeks ago – I asked this community about transparency in the financials and more transparency about what we wanted to see – I was met with curious silence from most quarters – and I’d really like to see more discussion on that as well.

The reality is – we’ve come a LONG way in the last few years in terms of transparency – but have we come far enough?  I don’t believe so.  Furthermore – to be quite frank – while I trust the management of today – I have no idea what the management will be like in the future – and therefore – it is necessary to lay the groundwork and set the precedents that force on going long term sustainable transparency.  So – if the bylaws grant the access to things – let it be shared – there should be nothing to hide anyway – because after all – if there are problems – this community can sometimes assist in finding solutions to those problems and discussing them openly.  However, if there are problems and they are dealt with behind closed doors with the lights off – well – that is not exactly conducive to trust is it?


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> The Auditor's Report is already published along with the Financial Statements. The Board believes that the Management letter is a confidential document.
Why would the management letter be . Confidential????

Badru, because it is a management letter. Take it like this. It is a common principle in management.
People or community should have a little confidence to the people they elected to carry the business of the company.
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