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Thanx Alan for the update.
But meanwhile forgive my ignorance.  I am having trouble interpreting what it means to reclaim a /32 v4 address.
>>>211968 IPv4 Addresses (/32s) were reclaimed

My thinking has been that the most 'slashable' v4 address is a /31.  Looks like there are some IP classes I missed.  Plse educate me + the intepratation.
nb: I am fine with the v6 /32s.      From: Alan Barrett <alan.barrett at afrinic.net>
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In response to several questions, I can give the following information about organisations whose Afrinic membership was terminated and their resources reclaimed.

In 2014:

15 members were closed  
18 ASNs were reclaimed
211968 IPv4 Addresses (/32s) were reclaimed
5 IPv6 /32s were reclaimed

In 2015: No members were closed.

In 2016:

12 members were closed
8 ASNs were reclaimed
71680 IPv4 /32s were reclaimed
1 IPv6 /48 was reclaimed

In 2017:

19 members have been closed (or are near the end of the closure process)
16 ASNs have been reclaimed
45056 IPv4 /32s have been reclaimed
2 IPv6 /32s have been reclaimed

To find exactly what space is currently quarantined, you can download the extended statistics file from <ftp://ftp.afrinic.net//stats/afrinic/delegated-afrinic-extended-latest>, search for “reserved” in the seventh pipe-delimited column, and then exclude any space within the following ranges which are reserved by policy:

IPv4    Reserved for IXPs peering networks per CPM 11.4
IPv4    Reserved for IXPs management networks per CPM 11.4
IPv4    Reserved for future use per CPM 5.4.7
ASN 37769-37887        Reserved for use in BGP route servers at IXPs per CPM 11.4

In the case of IPv6, the extended statistics file shows that, for each allocated /48, space is reserved up to the next /44 boundary, and for each allocated /32, space is reserved up to the next /29 boundary.  If you are looking for quarantined space, you will also have to ignore these reservations.

Alan Barrett

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