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Hi Ali

On 17 Jun 2017, at 9:17 am, Ali Hussein <ali at hussein.me.ke<mailto:ali at hussein.me.ke>> wrote:


Correct me if I'm correct - AFRINIC would fall under what we call critical national/continent assets/infrastructure right?


If the above is correct then basically what McTim is suggesting is akin to saying you can only use roads or contribute to governance issues if you pay your taxes? :-)

Correct again this has been an issue over time and has been discussed this is the community / members discussion. In the early days we had one open discussion list for any community member to openly share and comment.  A few years ago this need to separate paying members, being those with resources and community members started with the AGM in Zambia where the compromise was community could attend the AGM as observers and not participants.

The escalation of two separate lists came 2-3 years ago where the community list was created and thus drawing a line between the community and paid up members.

Just being pedantic.. :-)

Seriously though, I raised this issue of Governance a few weeks ago and up until it is addressed comprehensively we will continue to have issues such as what Badru has raised.

We have a governance committee hopefully working on this but there could also be a component of leadership here

As the community I believe it would be unreasonable to expect the Board to respond to ALL queries promptly because sometimes it's operational issues and understandably they would need to consult with Management first. We need to set expectations - much like Service Level Agreements - and then adhere to them.

You are perfectly right here but an acknowledgement and promise to respond in due course is sufficient hopefully not from a robot :-)

I urge Management and Board to come up with such communication direction.

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On 17 Jun 2017, at 2:20 AM, Badru Ntege <badru.ntege at nftconsult.com<mailto:badru.ntege at nftconsult.com>> wrote:

Hi McTim

:-) indeed you are being pedantic. However the point is the same whether we are discussing 10 members or 100.  A level of response is expected from those we elect to oversee our organisation as members which we also hold in trust for the wider community.

On 16 Jun 2017, at 11:13 pm, McTim <mctimconsulting at gmail.com<mailto:mctimconsulting at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi Badru,

To be absolutely pedantic, the dues paying Members elect the Board,
not the "Community", where the Community = fee payers+ interested

For the purpose of policy making, we are all equal.  For the purpose
of asking questions regarding financial matters, I believe the fee
paying folks have greater standing.

just my 2 bob,


On Fri, Jun 16, 2017 at 12:08 PM, Badru Ntege
<badru.ntege at nftconsult.com<mailto:badru.ntege at nftconsult.com>> wrote:

With all due respect the list of questions in a way underpin my worry.  In a
bottom up environment we are all equal and the board and organization serve
the community.

For clarity the community elects the board,  the then board hires the CEO
who then hires the staff so community communications goes to board and

CEO has a dual roll of being staff and board member and thus his right to
respond directly to comments.

In my understanding CEO can also authorize staff to respond to issues if he
so wishes.

Should you respond to all queries ?? I personally think responding to some
and ignoring others could be taken wrongly by the individual who raises what
they think is a pertinent issue.

Why my concern ??  I think over the last few months many comments have been
ignored or answered after prompt from the sender.

On a number of occasions like bellow we have been given information which
turns out to be wrong. Like the issue raised about recovered resources.

I'm sure I need not go further. It just seems community is becoming a
nuisance to you at times which is unfortunate. And I read this from your
email above and the questions paused


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On 16 Jun 2017, at 18:32, Sunday Folayan <sfolayan at gmail.com<mailto:sfolayan at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi Badru,

Kindly explain or clarify the gap you have observed, so we can correct this.

I believe to the best of my ability that as chair and on behalf of the
Board, I have engaged on matters directed at us, even when they clearly
border on operational issues.

It would also be helpful if you further confirm one or more of these to help
me see how to lead the board to intervene so as to improve things:

1. Should Board and staff respond to all issues, and are they obliged to do

2. Should Chair or CEO acknowledge all questions and routes to an
appropriate person?

3. Chair or CEO acknowledges all posts and provides an estimated response

4. Should members explicitly address chair or CEO in discussions instead of
"can someone respond?"

5. Should members directly write Afrinic instead of posting urgent questions
on the mailing lists?

6. Should Afrinic policy liaison monitors the lists and brings noteworthy or
urgent issues to the attention of the CEO as the case may be?

7. Should the chair always respond to all operational issues or extract
answers from the CEO and relay?

8. Are you addressing Chair, Board, Staff or all?

It is important that I get you right. What do you suggest?



On Jun 16, 2017 12:30, "Badru Ntege" <badru.ntege at nftconsult.com<mailto:badru.ntege at nftconsult.com>> wrote:


A response from any of the responsible persons might be of value.

I’m concerned that responses coming back to issues raised by community are
not being given the due attention, with some glaring omissions which makes
the members worry if we have all hands on deck.

Would it be advisable to have some kind of SLA in how long it takes to
respond to community and Member queries??

I have noticed it takes quite some time for members to get an
acknowledgement on issues raised.


On 6/15/17, 1:36 PM, "Noah" <noah at neo.co.tz<mailto:noah at neo.co.tz>> wrote:

On 14 Jun 2017 3:29 p.m., "Alan Barrett" <alan.barrett at afrinic.net<mailto:alan.barrett at afrinic.net>> wrote:

On 6 Jun 2017, at 22:19, Noah <noah at neo.co.tz<mailto:noah at neo.co.tz>> wrote:
Hi Chair,

If the 39,199 was from members who defaulted and went out of business it
means the resources are no longer in use by those specific members.

Did we recover those resources back into Afrinic inventory for

Can we please get a report on the space that was recovered as I couldnt
find that anywhere on the AFRINIC website.

Although I was not asked this question, I perceive that some people may
expect me to answer it.

Hi Alan,

Yes certainly....

Yes, resources from members who go out of business are recovered.  The
recovered resources are quarantined for two years, during which time they
are marked as RESERVED in the WHOIS database.  After the ene of he
quarantine period, the recovered resources are released to the pool for
possible re-use.

We do not publicise the names of the members concerned.  The reserved space
may be found in raw data published at

As far as I am concerned the list of members who defaulted and/or under
closure used to be published for example the below AFRINIC link.


Why are we being less transparent about this now? In fact since 2014, how
many members were closed up until 2017 as that record doesnt exist today?

I also checked the
ftp://ftp.afrinic.net/stats/afrinic/delegated-afrinic-extended-latest as you

Are all those 2411 INR marked as “reserved”, resources from recovery?

If not how can one tell the difference between which are the recovered space
and everything else?

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