[Community-Discuss] [AIS17 Announce] Our Cameroon case as one case study in solving an Internet shutdown in a country.

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Dr. Janvier it seems the letter was not used to explain information wholly
thus the context did not come out nicely. That is, it was not appealing. It
implies lack of professional independence which by every chance should be

It's imperative to take responsibility of the written expression which is
deemed to carry meaning as it is to the public. That done, then you can
appeal to the public which will say whether it finds you fit or not to
continue in your role.

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On Jun 5, 2017 3:20 PM, "Mukom Akong T." <mukom.tamon at gmail.com> wrote:

> The global outroar about your position on Internet Shutdowns started by
> and email you made in a public forum [1], signed as president of ISOC
> Cameroon. That email was deleted and currently isn't accessible. But here
> is the content of the mail as You wrote, - in your capacity as ISOC
> Cameroon president.
> [quote]
> Hi to all,
> It seems to me that the problem of access to Internet in Cameroon is very
> much amplified here on the Net. There are 10 regions in Cameroon, the
> problem of access to the Internet is only concerning 2 Regions. These 2
> regions actually has some political or social crisis. The government and
> other stakeholders in these 2 areas are looking for suitable solutions.
> Meanwhile, the government has seen fit to cut these two regions off
> Internet access and Western Union money transfer services, for the sake of
> the entire population of these 2 regions.
> Internet works well everywhere else in the other 8 regions. Im sending
> this mail from Yaounde in Cameroon. So the situation is not a disaster as
> some seem to publish on the Net. The ISOC Chapter can only encourage the
> government and the other stakeholders to seek lasting peace solutions, even
> if it involves a temporary suspension of Internet and Western Union
> services. ISOC Cameroon Chapter President
> [/quote]
> Here are the reasons I find this entire episode rather disturbing
> a) You've served previously as  board member of AFRINIC. You currently
> serve for the last 4 or so years as president of ISOC Cameroon. That
> statement tell us you do not believe in the principles of these
> institutions and this community.
> b) You made that statement as ISOC president of a branch that has members
> that were affected by the shutdown. That it shows a callous lack of empathy
> that's unbecoming of a leader.
> c) You omitted that fact of your original mail, that indicates a lack of
> integrity. You also neglect to state that those messages you made came long
> after the global uproar of the statement you failed to disclose.
> The campaign for the restoration of the Internet in Cameroon is very
> public, the actors known,  trying to spin this into something you were a
> key part of is dishonorable and an attempt to score cheap political points
> for a campaign.
> Whatever the outcome of this election,
> * you haven't told us the whole truth
> * you haven't demonstrated the that you believe in the values of this
> community
> * you have failed to act with honour
> You are thus unfit to lead this community again and if by some political
> mishap you become a board member, you will be starting on a deep trust
> deficity.
> [1] http://lists.igcaucus.org/arc/governance/2017-01/msg00069.html
> On 30 May 2017 at 17:14, Janvier NGNOULAYE <jnoulaye at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: Janvier NGNOULAYE <jnoulaye at gmail.com>
>> Date: 2017-05-30 16:29 GMT+03:00
>> Subject: Our Cameroon case as one case study in solving an Internet
>> shutdown in a country.
>> To: ais17-announce at internetsummitafrica.org, General Discussions of
>> AFRINIC <community-discuss at afrinic.net>
>> Our  Cameroon case as one case study in solving an Internet shutdown in a
>> country.
>> The facts:
>> - in november 2016 the government  of Cameroon shut down Internet in two
>> regions in Cameroon
>> - in december I convened the  ISOC Chapter Officers meeting  to noting
>> and deploring that government action,
>> - in january 2017, I convened the Chapter board meeting to reacting
>> against that action of the government, that board meeting ended up with 2
>> main actions: - a) one statement in line with the ISOC vision,  -b) and a
>> letter to the government through the Minister of telecommunications. You
>> can read that statement below, which had been sent to  various  mailing
>> lists. The 2 pages letter sent to the government mentionned the impact of
>> that shutting down on the national economy, with the advices,
>> recommandations and training tracks, to solve the issue for the sake of
>> every stakeolder. (I can share that letter  to the government with you
>> inbox)
>> - As the Chapter is part of the steering committee of the Internet
>> exchange point of Cameroon (CAMIX), I also raised the issue with the ISP
>> during one of the CAMIX monthly meeting, where the members strongly
>> supported that Chapter statement on the matter.
>> - At the same time, other national civil organizations and abroad also
>> raised up the statement against that suspension of the Internet.
>> - With all these actions, the governement removed the suspension of
>> Internet  in April and today the Internet is working every where around the
>> country.
>>  A lesson learn here is that, as an ISOC Chapter, we did not only  make a
>> statement against the suspension, but we also met the goverment and  the
>> ISP with advices and practical recommandations. In the meantime, we did not
>> make any insult word to them because of  their action. Our approch was more
>> collaborative with all the stakeolders.
>> Unfortunately some misinformation and misunderstanding have been
>> circulated saying that I supported the suspension of the Internet. Please,
>> do not trust  thoses wrong informations on me.  My committement so far is
>>  to work and will  continue to work for the open access of Internet for
>> everyone and erverywhere as well  at the national and regional  level as
>>  at global level.
>> Hopefuly  that this mail clarified everything now .
>> I remain at your disposal to give more details you may need.
>> Warm regards
>> Dr. Janvier Ngnoulaye
>> Senior Lecturer of Computer Science and Educational technology
>> University of Yaounde I, Cameroon
>> Executive Committee member of the Internet Exchange Point of Cameroon
>> President of ISOC Cameroon Chapter
>> Tel: +237 677 72 03 34 <6%2077%2072%2003%2034>
>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>> From: Janvier NGNOULAYE <jnoulaye at gmail.com>
>> Date: 2017-02-03 13:56 GMT+03:00
>> Subject: Statement and clarifications of ISOC Cameroon on the Internet
>> shutdowns in Cameroon
>> To: Internet Governance <governance at lists.igcaucus.org>, willi uebelherr
>> <willi.uebelherr at riseup.net>
>> Cc: ISOC Internet Policy <internetpolicy at elists.isoc.org>
>> ​Dear Internet member Community,
>> Many misundertanding have been circulated throught lot of mailing lists
>> about the Internet shutdowns in Cameroon.
>> Please note that.
>> 1) ISOC Cameroon Chapter with all the members do not support any form of
>> Internet shutdowns.
>> 2) After the Annual General Assembly hold on 28 january 2017, the members
>> of the Chapter condemned that action in Cameroon and took the resolution to
>> engage in conversations with the government. We will keep you updated on
>> the development undertaken.
>> 3) ISOC Cameroon Chapter is in line with the statement that Internet
>> Society published as a reference for such matters (
>> https://www.internetsociety.org/lets-keep-internet-everyone)
>> Thank you for any support and advice to us on the ground.
>> ------------------------------
>> Janvier Ngnoulaye, Ph.D
>> ICT Teacher at the University
>> President of the ISOC Cameroon Chapter.
>> Activist of "The Internet is for everyone"
>> http://www.internetsociety.cm/
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