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Oh, and I forgot to add, to all the statements I agreed with in the previous email about things that I did - +1, x 10000000 (since that seems to be the instruction given to others)


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Not so easy to forget. Even if you do some of us do remember and the archives are available:

a) There was a Mr Alston  before  board mandate
b)There was a Mr Alston  2014 -2017
c) there is a Mr. Alston since AIS2017

The a) was promising, full of energy, Mr Solution to everything, the anti-RPKI, etc….

and b) came in and :

* Promoted  AFRINIC governance as Top-Down
* Promoted Trust-only, no-accontabiliy and no-transparency
* Company act evangelist
* Promoted AFRINIC as 8+1 people(registered members)  private company. Other members have limited powers, Community has none
* Opposed most of the community proposals to improve accountability during the last accountability review
* Supported  adopting changes  to bylaws for accountability review by vote on multiple resolutions instead of working out  a coherent consensual  draft bylaws.
* Opposed Board member recall by members and community
* Claimed to have rescued AFRINIC
* Authored some controversial policy proposals
* etc..

And now, welcome c) who seem confused and lost:

  *Dealing  with simple community member position subject  to past board member's NDA and reserve obligations
  * Suffering from the Top-down  governance  enjoyed  during  b)
  *Want all the powers to members and even Community
 * Want 300% transparency
  *Want 400% accountability
  * Want PDP appeal procedure put in place
  * Want a ASO members recall  procedure
  * Want Mgmt audits published.
  * Describe the rescued AFRINIC as the financially weakest RIR
  * Concerned  by the membership fees compared to RIPE NCC
 * Etc….

I could easily understand your status and confusion. Welcome back inside the community. Hope you can manage.


On 12 Jul 2017, at 06:40, Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com<mailto:Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com>> wrote:

I realized after it was pointed out that this had not gone to the list - so re-sending


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Markus -

You say that I am in a different orbit - so let me state what orbit I am in -

I want total transparency - both on governance and financial issues
I want to know how the money we as members is being spent and that it is well spent and justified - particularly considering that for large members the fees as in excess of 20 times the costs paid by RIPE members
I want to be assured if our elected representatives are traveling on our dime - that the travel is justified and in the benefits of the members the organization is meant to serve
I want to be assured that the board and the executive are at all times adhearing to the bylaws which we, as members, approved
I want to be assured that the company operates to the letter of the law and to be assured that the actions they take do not create legal risk which may threaten the organization
I want to ensure that the policies of the organization actually contribute to the growth of internet penetration on the continent, and do not merely serve to protect isps, but actually serve the general population of our continent.
I want to ensure that the company is delivering on its mandate as clearly defined in section 3 of the bylaws.

That my friend - is my orbit - so - if we are in different orbits - please - tell me yours and how it conflicts with the above - explain it to me - after all - do we not operate on a principal that dialog solves problems and builds consensus?


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