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Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform our Members that the December 2016 version of the
AFRINIC Bylaws have been duly registered with the Mauritian Registrar of

The changes to the Bylaws were made in terms of several special resolutions
passed at the Special General Members' Meeting held on 30 November 2016 in
Mauritius, and the new version was registered in terms of Board resolution
201612.321 http://afrinic.net/about/bod/meeting/2016#r321.

A confirmation of registration is available at http://afrinic.net/images/c

The current version of the Bylaws is available at
http://afrinic.net/en/about/bylaws/2001-afrinic-bylaws-2016 or

Best Regards


Hello Chair,

Above and beyond the registration of the updated company bylaws, I would
like to know where we stand in terms of accountability.

I would like to know more about the outcome of the accountability review
and the votes on resolutions that followed.

Ref: AFRINIC's board strongly condemnation of Internet shutdowns by some
government which I take was directed towards what has been happening in
(Cameroon). Can we know if there has been any prior communication from the
AFRINIC board to the government in question prior and after the

Does the AFRINIC board have such strategies that can support the
organsation in case its at loss in terms of revenue due to Internet

What is the status of the GC and its relationship with the AFRINIC's board
in terms of transparency and guidance?



PS: If we want the governments to be held accoutable, we ought to accept to
be held accountable too by AFRINIC stakeholders, resource members and the
community at large.
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