[Community-Discuss] Internet Shutdown session at AIS 2017

Ish Sookun ish at lsl.digital
Thu Apr 13 17:23:44 UTC 2017

Hi Kris,

On 04/13/2017 08:28 PM, Kris Seeburn wrote:
> In mauritius we know it was again the minister via the PMO who requested
> to take down Face Book. Without the press we ma have been at a stall mate.

Thanks for clarifying your point.

For the above though, as you said, it is thanks to the "press". Somehow
that was my point, as the press acted as an influencer while the
authority blindly executed the orders received from the PMO. It is this
sort of difference that I am hinting at.

Unfortunately we do not have groups that can really tackle a draconian
measure of the government. The press does it but when it comes to
matters relating to the internet, sadly, other group(s) should intervene.

I do get your point to include gov officials so that they too understand
the impact of such decisions/measures.


Ish Sookun

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