[Community-Discuss] "Fighting Internet Shutdown" - Any Role for AFRINIC?

Badru Ntege badru.ntege at nftconsult.com
Thu Apr 13 14:12:22 UTC 2017


On 4/13/17, 3:33 PM, "Christian Bope" <christian.bope at unikin.ac.cd> wrote:


I recall during AfriNIC meeting in Mauritius last December 2016, the same group of people claim that the Audit Policy put the organizational at  Risk because it will revoke ressouces if Members dit not complied. Today theu want AfriNIC to revoke ressouces.  What will the anti - shutdown  do to the organization? 

So the same members are now proposing a policy that will open AfriNIC up to wholesale litigation.   

One wonders the motives behind this??


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