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Hi Alan,
Thanks for sharing this document. It will form a solid basis for continued
deliberation on amendments of the bylaws.

Regarding #1, specifically the Associate Members' right to (or not) vote, I
was, and still I am opposed to the idea of rescinding the Associate Members
rights to vote.

Rationale: when an Associate Member is stripped of  the right to vote,
he/she is in reality as empowered -- or un-empowered -- as the rest of the
AFRINIC community. AFRINIC would effectively be asking Associate members
and prospects to fork out Associate Membership fees, but offering nothing
over and above "AFRINIC community" status, which poses at least two
problems: First, NO ONE of sound mind, with full understanding of these
facts, would want to be an Associate members, and  secondly, AFRINIC would
be out-rightly fleecing its members by charging membership fees and
providing no value in return, neither one of which is desirable.

Therefore, the Associate Membership category should be imbued with voting
rights -- or some other value add that is codified in the bylaws, barring
which the category should effectively be expunged from the bylaws.


On 16 September 2016 at 17:17, Alan Barrett <alan.barrett at afrinic.net>

> On 10 June, I posted a document describing potential areas for improvement
> in the Bylaws as a result of an accountability assessment.  I invited the
> community and membership to comment on these issues.
> I have considered the discussion, and I have asked the legal adviser to
> draft appropriate changes to the bylaws.  In some cases, I have edited the
> legal adviser’s text.  In some cases, more drafting work is needed and
> proposed text of bylaws changes is not yet available.
> I attach a document with the proposed bylaws changes.
> Alan Barrett
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