[Community-Discuss] Accountability assessment

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
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It also worries me that people seem to restrict what OTHERS say.

If Owen feels like he wishes to comment on something – he is as free to do so as anyone here is free to say anything.

Why do you wish to censor some members of the community?  If you don’t like what they say – feel free to ignore it.

It’s the same way it annoys me when people come to the floor in a PDP meeting and go “I THINK THIS DISCUSSION SHOULD END AND THIS POLICY SHOULD BE SCRAPPED RIGHT NOW”


Ignoring the process that specifically lays out a way things are supposed to go.

Here is a big hint – don’t like something, you’re free to ignore it, or, in this case, free to bitch and whine about it – but honestly, whining about things because you don’t like what someone says without adding anything constructive to the debate just indicates a level of insecurity and is pretty boring.

And well – that’s me exercising my freedom of speech and if you don’t what I’ve said here, you’re free to ignore it, or whine some more, not like it makes a difference to me.


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2 I feel too that Owen speaks too often for Alan. He is free to do so;
Alan is free to not speak up as he wish. It is a free world.


It does
however raise eyebrows on intent of Owen with some people to
paraphrase his action as shielding CEO.

++1  …and others wonder why Owen repeatedly sees the need to when it is unsolicited or even unnecessary most times.


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