[Community-Discuss] IPv4 depletion in AFRINIC will speed up IPv6 adoption - myth or fact?

Kevin Kamonye kevin.kamonye at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 15:49:38 UTC 2016

"IPv4 depletion in AFRINIC will speed up IPv6 adoption - myth or fact?" -
based on the options given, I say FACT. It would of course not be automatic
but it is an important first step.

Headline 1:

The last v4 IP has been issued

Headline 2:

We need to start deploying v6 since we are almost (20+ years) running out
of v4


*+254720789158 <%2B254720789158>*

On 28 October 2016 at 15:34, Honest Ornella GANKPA <honest1989 at gmail.com>

> Hi All,
> The study in the LACNIC presentation had 2 questions
> Where are we across the globe with IPv6 adoption?
>  - Is IPv6 deployed uniformly?
>  - Is there a rich country/poor country divide?
> What can IPv6 adoption numbers tell us about IPv6 as a replacement for
> IPv4? - How to best measure IPv6 adoption? Penetration or usage? How do
> they differ?
> - Are we there yet? (As in, can we retire IPv4?)
> The study concludes that IPv6 is not a viable replacement for IPv4, that
> there is some positive news (6 countries in the world have 20+% penetration
> and bandwidth) and that IPv4 will be relevant for a very long time.
> It also correlates higher GDP with IPv6 uptake. There is no data which
> shows that IPv4 depletion accelerates IPv6 deployment. In fact there is
> actually evidence that the more resources (financial, human resources,
> infrastructures etc..) you have, the more likely one organisation / country
> has high penetration of IPv6. And even in those cases, most of these
> countries with high GDP have limited IPv6 penetration. Canada for example,
> a top 50 country of GDP per Capita has only 9,5% penetration (usage 5.5%)
> rate however ARIN has been in softlanding since 2007. Should we conclude
> that they were lazy or that depletion alone cannot be the only motivation
> for IPv6 deployment?
> African ISPs have less means and resources than those in these countries.
> However we do have the advantage of remaining IPv4 ressources and in my
> opinion, we should use them carefully and wisely. Those resources allows us
> a breating room to plan for capacity building and v6 deployment. It might
> be slow but eventually we will get there. IPv4 depletion has not
> accelerated IPv4 deployment in richer countries, I do not believe
> accelerating depletion will accelerate it either in Africa.
> IPv6 is inevitable and I believe we all agree on that. But how our
> continent and internet players go about it is also crucial and it will be
> good if we find a solution that will benefit us all
> Honest Ornella GANKPA
> 2016-10-28 9:01 GMT+01:00 Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com>:
>> Ø  Like others,  I would like to see widespread v6 adoption but we do
>> need to be careful to explain the stats we provide especially for those who
>> advocate to other stakeholders.
>> I 100% agree… and this is why I asked if it could be explained to me how
>> the correlation between v4 depletion and v6 depletion was drawn from a
>> presentation that refers entirely to GDP correlation on v6 deployment,
>> because I honestly don’t understand that correlation.
>> Sadly, I’ve heard deafening silence since then, and it seems that
>> question is going unanswered.  As someone from academia, Omo I am sure you
>> agree with me that any conclusions drawn from a dataset need to be
>> explained by the individual drawing the concerns in order for any weight to
>> be applied to them?
>> Thanks
>> Andrew
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