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What I was proposing below is *VERY* far from what ipv4-soft-landing-bis does.

I have, and continue to, oppose this policy.  Because it will extend the life of v4 while we languish behind in terms of v6 deployment.  I’ve already stated in previous emails on this thread that there is a clear correlation between v6 deployment and v4 depletion – and this proposal you reference slows v4 depletion.

I’ve also already stated there are organizations out there going v6 only with CGN64 / DNS64 to talk to the v4 internet – and that has big implications for people not running any v6 in the long term, negative implications.

Slowly the depletion of v4 does not help this continent – it hurts it – badly.  Look at the global v6 deployment map – Africa’s v6 penetration levels by the latest APNIC reports are at 0.15% compared to a global average of 7.94% (And google puts global average at closer to 12%).  The difference? The rest of the world depleted v4 – Africa hasn’t – and the motivation isn’t there to deploy.

Every day we hold v4 space for general allocation is another day this continent falls further and further behind.  We need to be doing everything we can to *accelerate* v4 depletion – not slowing it down.

Btw – the reason I haven’t moved this discussion onto the policy list is because there are wider areas than just specific policies.  If we get into policy specific issues I’d rather go to the RPD list – but I do think ideas as to the acceleration of v4 depletion and the benefits and drawbacks behind it are very much a topic for discussion by the community.


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>   Basically, individuals can apply to the access fund for projects that need v4 space that will directly benefit the continent, they would have to prove v6 deployment alongside it (not just plans to take a v6 block and announce it, actual deployment plans, which would be monitored), and the project would have to provide KPI’s etc etc.

+1 Andrew and I totally agree with you.

Similarly there is a policy whose text proposes the same narrative...


I believe this covers pretty much what we are so far discusssing.

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