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On 1 Oct 2016 12:06 p.m., "Noah" <noah at neo.co.tz> wrote:
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> What we can all be proud of here is the entire process that was inclusive
and indeed made this transition possible.
> As we can all imagine now, "oversight" is community oriented and the
multistakeholder bottom-up process of inclusiveness bred good governance
and leadership to make this great achivement possible.
> We as the AFRNIC community ought to borrow a leaf from this as we
continue to develop the African Internet.
SO: I was privileged to have participated in the development of various
proposals that lead to the completion of the IANA stewardship transition.
Quite a number of people from the Africa community also participated in
this as well. It is indeed the inclusiveness mentality which some of us got
used to within the numbers community that contributed to what we now call
the outcome of the stewardship transition. Perhaps one of such is the fact
that ICANN will now "loosely" be a member organisation. While there will
always be things to learn from the new ICANN either good or bad, we will
not be fair on ourselves as AFRINIC/Africann community if we fail to
appreciate/recognise the level of community engagement that is already
enshrined into our various processes.

That said, it may be good to emphasise that while stewardship transition is
done with, an organisation accountability process is not a one time event
and will indeed be continuous. The same applies to AFRINIC accountability
processes as well.

Let's celebrate the moment for now and come back with renewed strength. We
the African community should join the ICANN accountability WS2 that is
currently on-going and provide input towards the improvement of
organisation in the global public interest and in the interest of the
organisation itself.


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