[Community-Discuss] Successful IANA transition

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Sat Oct 1 11:04:53 UTC 2016

On 1 Oct 2016 07:11, "Alan Barrett" <alan.barrett at afrinic.net> wrote:
> Dear AFRINIC community,
> It’s now a few minutes after midnight in Washington, DC.  The IANA
contract between NTIA and ICANN has expired.
> ICANN is now performing the IANA Numbering Services (assigning IP
addresses and ASNs to RIRs, and some related tasks) in terms of a contract
between the RIRs and ICANN, instead of in terms of a contract between the
NTIA and ICANN.  ICANN asked for permission to sub-contract the IANA
Numbering Services to PTI, and the RIRs consented, so the IANA functions
will actually be performed by PTI, although ICANN remains responsible.

This is positive progress and indeed great news for the diverse internet
community at large.

What we can all be proud of here is the entire process that was inclusive
and indeed made this transition possible.

As we can all imagine now, "oversight" is community oriented and the
multistakeholder bottom-up process of inclusiveness bred good governance
and leadership to make this great achivement possible.

We as the AFRNIC community ought to borrow a leaf from this as we continue
to develop the African Internet.

> Alan Barrett

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