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Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Mon Nov 14 06:39:05 UTC 2016

On 14 Nov 2016 02:09, "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com>
> It’s ok that someone gets elected because he lives in a particular place
to “represent” that region, despite the fact that the other suggested
bylaws attempt to ensure that elected directors always act in the good of
all of AfriNIC and the concept of “represent a region” ceases?

The fundamental idea is to have different folk  from different countries
per subregion elected to the board.

Essentially, the mandate of those elected is to bring onboard their vast
experience so that they can serve AFRINIC and ensure that she continues
with her mandate by ensuring there is proper governance and the
organisation is sustainable at the end of the day.

> And putting that aside, you also have a belief that because someone was
living in place X when they were elected that they actually are
representative of that region?  Come on man, if you want regional
representation, then do it properly, ensure that only those nominated by
people in a region can stand for that region seat.  That way, the region
truly has a say in who represents them.  Rather than the current status
quo, when powerful interests in one region, can pick a puppet in another
region, nominate him and then use their voting power to elect him.  Which
ensures that there is NO regional representation of the region in which the
puppet resides.

Puppet???? I am sorry you see it this way but I doubt all the former
directors where anyones or any subregions puppet as they all played their
parts which is why AFRINIC is still here today through the ups and downs.
But if there is evidence of this please share it openly.

Anyways you still dont get me. Mine is not about swapping folk for the sake
of regional representation. Mine is about refreshing the board with
different experiences while championing a more diverse representation per
sub region.

The electorate ultimately decides.

1 per country, 2 per subregion.

> If we’re serious about saying directors represent ALL of AfriNIC – all of
this is a moot point.

Essentially that has always been the ultimate goal.

> Andrew

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