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Ok, let’s think this through again for a second.

It’s ok that someone gets elected because he lives in a particular place to “represent” that region, despite the fact that the other suggested bylaws attempt to ensure that elected directors always act in the good of all of AfriNIC and the concept of “represent a region” ceases?

And putting that aside, you also have a belief that because someone was living in place X when they were elected that they actually are representative of that region?  Come on man, if you want regional representation, then do it properly, ensure that only those nominated by people in a region can stand for that region seat.  That way, the region truly has a say in who represents them.  Rather than the current status quo, when powerful interests in one region, can pick a puppet in another region, nominate him and then use their voting power to elect him.  Which ensures that there is NO regional representation of the region in which the puppet resides.

Look, I don’t really care where people live, because I don’t believe it has ANY bearing on who is being represented and what interests are being represented.  If you want to fix THAT problem, you need to fix the problem of who gets to choose the representation from a particular region, and the only way to do that is to impose limitations on who can nominate for a particular region.  Something I proposed on this list and had no comments to.

In summary:

If we’re serious about saying directors represent ALL of AfriNIC – all of this is a moot point.

If we still want “regional” representation – then do it properly and ensure that the regions who are being represented are the ones that get to choose their representation – and stop caring about WHO that person is and WHERE that person is – but about who gets to choose them.

Anything else is, in my view, not an attempt to fix the representation problem, but rather an attempt to follow a completely different agenda.


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Noah, I am trying to understand this.

1 person per country they are domicile at the time of running to represent the corresponding sub-region.  Nothing to do with individuals.

Or are we all just playing the Donald trump card and stirring fear and paranoia for the sake of it?

Sub region diversity so people from different countries can also bring the experience and serve AFRINIC.  [1]



[1] Donald Trump cards are less of my concerns if you asked me.
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