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Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
Sun Nov 13 15:47:06 UTC 2016

On 13/11/2016 14:31, Noah wrote:
> On 13 Nov 2016 12:38, "Vitus Foli Aborogu" <vitus at ghana.com
> <mailto:vitus at ghana.com>> wrote:
>> >
>> > My main goal in the current round of Bylaws changes is to make it
> very difficult for AFRINIC to be captured by a minority interest.  The
> proposed limits of two Directors per organisation and two Directors per
> sub-region are more than sufficient to ensure that no one organisation
> or one sub-region has the majority of votes in the Board.
>> >
> 2 directors per organisation is not a good idea. 1 director is per
> organisation is more than enough.
> Since the CEO will always come from a certain sub-region and some
> country,  having 2 directors  per sub region would always make that
> region have 3 directors at any given time.
> Since the CEO is full time director, his country should perhaps only get
> 1 director at any given time to represent the sub region.
> The CEO country should never have someone run to represent the non
> geographic since if elected, the board would end up with 3 directors
> from a single country that is CEO, subregion and non geo.	

For a moment - I was worried. Then I realised that even though Alan is
South African from the Southern African subregion - he lives in
Mauritius, part of the Indian Ocean subregion..

Regardless, I think this idea is stupid. The CEO should not be in this
count at all.

There should not be any "Country limits" - just a maximum of two per
and all numbers should exclude the CEO - or it will always be unfair on
the AFRINIC host subregion - the Indian Ocean subregion for now.

>> > Alan Barrett
>> Dear Alan,
>> I got your argument about number of Directors per organisation,
> country and  region. However, the CEO being full director, with 2
> directors per country, we may end up with 3 directors  from  one
> country. As board quorum is 5 directors, 2 countries can capture the
> organisation. On the other hand , excluding CEO, 1 per organisation, 1
> per country  and 2 per region will avoid such scenario.
> Yes in support of this less the organisation get captured.
> 1 per country,  1 per organisatioand 2 per region is rational and also
> promotes diversity representation.
>> Thank you.
>> - Vitus
> Noah
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