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Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Sun Nov 13 12:31:01 UTC 2016

On 13 Nov 2016 12:38, "Vitus Foli Aborogu" <vitus at ghana.com> wrote:
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> > My main goal in the current round of Bylaws changes is to make it very
difficult for AFRINIC to be captured by a minority interest.  The proposed
limits of two Directors per organisation and two Directors per sub-region
are more than sufficient to ensure that no one organisation or one
sub-region has the majority of votes in the Board.
> >

2 directors per organisation is not a good idea. 1 director is per
organisation is more than enough.

Since the CEO will always come from a certain sub-region and some country,
having 2 directors  per sub region would always make that region have 3
directors at any given time.

Since the CEO is full time director, his country should perhaps only get 1
director at any given time to represent the sub region.

The CEO country should never have someone run to represent the non
geographic since if elected, the board would end up with 3 directors from a
single country that is CEO, subregion and non geo.

> > Alan Barrett
> Dear Alan,
> I got your argument about number of Directors per organisation, country
and  region. However, the CEO being full director, with 2 directors per
country, we may end up with 3 directors  from  one country. As board quorum
is 5 directors, 2 countries can capture the organisation. On the other hand
, excluding CEO, 1 per organisation, 1 per country  and 2 per region will
avoid such scenario.

Yes in support of this less the organisation get captured.

1 per country,  1 per organisatioand 2 per region is rational and also
promotes diversity representation.

> Thank you.
> - Vitus

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