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On 11/13/16, 7:05 AM, "Alan Barrett" <alan.barrett at afrinic.net> wrote:
>I think that recusal from voting is important enough to be entrenched in the bylaws.  Recusal from participation in discussion is often a good idea, but it’s easy to imagine cases where it would not be a good idea (for example, the conflicted director may be able to answer questions from other directors), so I am not proposing to add that to the bylaws.

Though I get your point above,  this is a double edged sword where if a member has an interest in an issue there ability to eloquently and passionately discuss and debate the issue is enough to usually sway other members so recurrsal from voting will not help the situation since other members have already been convinced by a conflicted member.

Its usually good practice for the member not to participate in the issue at all and at times they are not even in the room.  I tend to prefer the option where the conflicted member is not involved at all in the discussion.


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