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Badru Ntege badru.ntege at nftconsult.com
Sat Nov 12 06:10:59 UTC 2016

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On 9 Nov 2016, at 2:37 pm, Mark Elkins <mje at posix.co.za> wrote:
> And if the Board has never abused this PDP power (never even used it at
> all) since inception yet has always had the power to do this - why then
> is it really a problem?

There's always a first time so a need to be proactive 

> The membership could still look for blood in other ways if necessary.

I think this sentiment can be devisive and past events tend to make it an unfortunate norm. See my comment below 

> If we do have such a Bylaw (to stop potential abuse) - this would have
> to be done by a membership vote - not a PDP meeting "consensus". This
> might be up to 5 months away - time for lots of damage - etc.
> On the other hand - if the Board decided that they needed to have an
> expedited policy introduced - and they asked the Membership to vote
> (electronically) on it - AFRINIC staff could probably pull that exercise
> off within a working week - which should be fast enough.

Fully agree we could even have an electronic system built and ready for other potential issues that community could have input or board could gauge community sentiment on issues to assist in decision making. 

> The Board is not stupid, neither is the membership.
> Just thoughts.
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