[Community-Discuss] Bylaws changes

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Sat Nov 12 06:09:37 UTC 2016

> On 11 Nov 2016, at 18:29, ALAIN AINA <aalain at trstech.net> wrote:
>>> But It was also proposed to just remove board adopting policy from bylaws and only depend on the PDP. May be an updated version of the PDP ? 
>> I’m having trouble parsing this, but any of the parsings I came up with seem to indicate that you are reading a different list than I am reading because that is not at all what I have seen proposed here.
> https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/community-discuss/2016-June/000343.html response to point 12

Thet message suggests that the ability of the Board to make policy should be removed.  I disagree, and I will not propose a change to the Bylaws to do that.  Somebody else is free to propose a change.

> One should admit  that the format of the discussions on this important  accountability improvement  does not make it easy to follow and digest, but other alternatives suggested were not accepted.

I think you sugegsted a committee, and I said that the Governance Committee will be able to do this in future.  The current round of changes are not a complete review of the bylaws.

Alan Barrett

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