[Community-Discuss] IPv4 depletion in AFRINIC will speed up IPv6 adoption - myth or fact?

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We certainly do – organisations may well take internal policy positions that are different from their employee personal positions and they have to have a way to have those heard.

If anyone wants to check auth they can do so via the whois database if its doubted – I don’t think we need to formalize this at all.  Furthermore if anyone chooses to claim representation of an organisation that is false, the organisation would have direct recourse against that individual, so it would be a pretty stupid thing to do.

I don’t understand the point about conflict of interest – organisations have their views as individuals have their views and they are free to express them, where is the conflict?  If an individual has a different opinion from his organisation he is free to state that he is speaking in his personal capacity and the conflict of interest between his opinion and the opinion of the organisation can be dealt with by that organisation, it is not the job of AfriNIC to deal with it.

The PDP process already allows for *ANYONE* to participate, I happen to believe that includes organisations already and I don’t think we need anything changed to accommodate this.


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Hi Andrew,
Please look at comments inline.

2016-11-03 5:20 GMT+00:00 Andrew Alston <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com<mailto:Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com>>:

The current 3.2.1 does not limit it to individuals, it says it is open to *everyone* including individuals.  However, it does not say that ENTITIES are prohibited from participation in that capacity.

 Participation in the PDP and  the WG is not fee-based or organizationally defined, but  based upon self-identification and active participation by individuals.  Views expressed are personal view and do not represent contributor ORG view.

Indeed, there is precedent for this – Go back to any video of any PDP meeting and individuals have come to the microphone stating “I am so and so and I am here in my personal capacity”, or “I am so and so and I represent X”
What i see is as follow :

For RIR related bodies (board, AC, staff….), " I am  X and speaking in my personal capacity” . They avoid  misinterpretation as they wear also other hats.

For Others : " I am Y, ORG A”, “ I am Z, I work for ORG B”.  They use ORG  for identification.

The moment you say everyone without limitation as is stated below, this I would argue is certainly inclusive of legal entities (human or otherwise), that wish to participate in that capacity.

If we want this interpretation, we shall make it  clear  and adopt the appropriate measures  to implement it. The WG would need to  check authentication / authorization to represent ORG they claim to represent. This would also imply appropriate management of *Conflict of Interest* and *IPR* on the contributions

Do we need ORGs views in the PDP beyond the individual  active participation ???



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Hello Andrew,

Comments inline.

Le 1 nov. 2016 19:34, "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com<mailto:Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com>> a écrit :
> Arnaud,
> You are right – proxies aren’t allowed at PDP – except in this case, they are not proxies.  I am the direct administrative contact for those organisations and hence I speak for each of them, one organisation at a time.

Participation in PDP discussions is by individual and not by organization. Hence the direct administrative contact role you have for organizations would be irrelevant in the policy discussions.

 Section 3.2.1 of the PDP says:



All policies are developed in an open forum in which anyone may participate. There are no qualifications for participation.


*Co-chairs should correct me if I'm wrong*.



> Andrew

Best regards,

--Komi A. Elitcha

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