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Using this thought process hypothetically, and speaking strictly as an individual

If this is the mindset that we wish to adopt, and I am certainly not saying it is, would it not be a good idea to write into the bylaws that if someone runs for election and loses, they should not be eligible to run again for a defined period (2 years or whatever), since based on this logic, they have been rejected?

As I said, I’m not taking a position at all on if this is the stance we should take – I have my views on that but will keep them to myself – but *IF* it is the stance – then let us take it all the way and consider all the implications of it.


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Alain A, Badru, Paulos  never made it back to the Board.  I did not know that, that meant community had rejected them. Maybe  we change our bylaws to reflect this new reasoning?

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